Professional Training Seminars

Mark P. Smith presents professional training seminars on a variety of topics to agencies and organizations. You can hire him to speak to your organization, whether it is a group of 10 or 200. The length of the training is flexible to your needs. Fees are extremely reasonable and can be tailored to fit your training budget.

Three training seminars are currently offered: How To Spot A Liar, Winning the Interviewing War and Monsters Among Us. Below is a summary of each course.


People in all professions are constantly confronted with situations where they need to know the truth. Money, careers, reputations and more are often at risk when we are deceived. Unfortunately, studies repeatedly show that most people are bad lie detectors. We just don't know when people are lying to us. Even some professionals who critically need to know the truth such as judges, prosecutors, police, salespersons, psychologists, psychiatrists and others consistently score no better than chance (50%) in their ability to spot a liar. This training course will discuss:

bulletA history of lying and the detection of deception
bulletModern lie detection
bulletListening skills
bulletForensic interviewing
bulletThe myths of lying debunked
bulletHow liars beat us
bulletHow liars are caught

By the end of the training program attendees will know the easiest, most effective way to spot a liar, they will have enhanced listening skills and they will be more successful, productive and effective at their jobs.

The instructor is a retired detective, now a private investigator and polygraph examiner, who has interviewed and polygraphed hundreds of suspected liars and the wrongly accused.


The ability to conduct an effective and successful interview is the single most important skill a business professional can have. Yet most professionals receive little or no training in this critical area.

This training course will provide attendees with the tools necessary to "win the interviewing war." The following concepts will be discussed:

bulletPlanning your interview
bulletWhy we are not better interviewers
bulletWhat is your subject thinking
bulletListening to understand
bulletHow to psychologically influence your subject
spaceand gain compliance
bulletTheme development and use
bulletDetermining truthfulness
bulletWhy people tell the truth

By the end of the training program attendees will be better and more confident interviewers. They will understand the psychological forces at work and utilize them to gain compliance from their subjects. They will obtain more information in less time, thereby becoming more efficient and effective in their positions.

MONSTERS AMONG US - Pedophiles and Child Abuse

Almost every day we hear of a new child sexual abuse scandal. But how many of us know what is behind those scandals? Who are these people who abuse children for sexual gratification? They are teachers, clergy, FBI agents and the guy next door. This graphic and compelling seminar will introduce attendees to the world of pedophiles, examining who they are and why they commit the crimes they do.

But instead of a dry, textbook approach, attendees will hear directly from offenders themselves, through written and audio statements and interviews. What they say will shock you. In addition, some of the literature and paraphernalia possessed and used by pedophiles will be examined first hand.

This is a multi-media presentation utilizes PowerPoint, audio and video tapes. The instructor, a retired detective and polygraph examiner, has spent the last 12 years interviewing and polygraphing sex offenders.