the Expert, Mark P. Smith...

Mark P. Smith is a retired county prosecutor's detective and expert in the science of polygraph testing. He has conducted over 1,000 polygraph examination covering virtually every topic including murder, sexual assault, arson, theft, fraud, infidelity and many others. He has acted as an expert witness in the areas of polygraph, child sexual abuse and criminal investigation. He has cleared hundreds of people accused or suspected of wrongdoing.

Mark appears regularly on CNN Headline News The Nancy Grace Show to lend his expertise on polygraph testing.He has also participated in discussions about stalking and "date rape" allegations and investigations.

In 2004 he was recognized for "Outstanding Achievements, Dedication and Commitment" in the areas of sex crimes and polygraph by the Morris County Prosecutor's Office.

In 2003 he was awarded the prestigious "Distinguished Achievement Award" and named "Detective of the Year" by the Morris County Detectives' Association.

He developed numerous training seminars on a variety of topics. The topics include, How to Spot a Liar, Effective Interviewing and Understanding Sex Offenders. He has presented these seminars to many groups including the United States Secret Service, county and local police officers, morale building clinics for corporations, parole and probation officers, DYFS, court personnel, doctors, nurses and security officers. Learn more about training seminars bullet

Mark was the first private polygraph examiner on the east coast to obtain the Stoelting CPS II Computerized Polygraph System. According to research published in the American Polygraph Association Journal, the Stoelting CPS II correctly identified more truthful subjects than any other polygraph system.