State of the Art Computerized Polygraph Testing

Mark P. Smith provides expert lie detection using the Stoelting CPS II Computerized Polygraph System. He will resolve your issue using the most technologically advanced lie detection system in the world. He specializes in Infidelity, Sexual Misconduct and Theft. Get rid of the suspicion - and get the answers you are looking for.

For over 30 years Mark P. Smith has been helping those accused of criminal charges, custody disputes, abuse allegations, sexual assault charges and matrimonial disputes. Infidelity testing (husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend) is our most requested service. We offer comprehensive polygraph testing at the lowest rates thoughout the NJ and NY areas.

Choose Your Examiner Carefully!

Mark P. Smith was the first private polygraph examiner on the east coast to obtain the Stoelting CPS II Computerized Polygraph System. This state of the art equipment is regarded as the best in the industry.


Why is this important?

According to research published in the American Polygraph Association Journal, the Stoelting CPS II correctly identified more truthful subjects than any other polygraph system. In fact, no other system could correctly identify truthful subjects at rates better than chance. In other words, they cannot accurately determine when you are telling the truth!



The Stoelting CPS II employs the Objective Scoring System (OSS). The OSS takes actual linear measurements of physiological reactions. This eliminates the subjectivity that can sometimes cause divergent chart interpretations among polygraph examiners.

Don't trust your polygraph examination to any system but the best!